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A Denver native, Conboy spent several years in the St. Louis Cardinals minor league organization before dedicating his life to athletic training. He served as the athletic trainer for Denver University, then was chief of Physical Therapy for both the Livermore and the American Lakes Veteran’s Hospitals before coming to the Academy when it was founded in 1955. For the next 43 years he oversaw the physical care of every single Academy athlete that came through the doors. He was inducted into the National Athletic Trainers’ Hall of Fame in 1980, the RMATA HOF in 1994 and awarded the 1990 Pioneer Award by the Rocky Mountain Trainers’ Association. The RMATA and CATA organizations currently present scholarships in his name. Conboy also served as the District Director of the NATA Hall of Fame and was the athletic trainer for the 1967 Pan Am Games. Sadly, he passed away in the fall of 1998. During his career, Conboy missed just one of 480 career football games, but only because of a government furlough, he still attended the game as a fan. But despite all the accolades, Jim Conboy’s greatest achievements couldn’t be summarized on any plaque, Fellow Academy Athletic Hall Of Famer Terry Isaacson explains… “The essence of Jim Conboy was that he was so positive all the time. If he saw a cadet that was down in the dumps, he’d sidle up next to him and ask what was going on. He never let you get down, and this is a place, where sometimes you do get down, but Jim was there to pick you up. He never uttered a non-positive word.” Mr. Conboy is also a member of the NATA and RMATA Hall's of Fame, click below to see his profiles.

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