Sunset Review

Our Fight for Licensure

11/12/2020 Update

Do you have questions? We've got answers! Join us on a CATA Sunset Review Information and Q&A Session. There are three currently scheduled!



This directly affects you.  If you have not heard, we got a very negative Sunset Review report. They (DORA) are recommending that our licensure bill be sunset. This means de-regulating the profession of Athletic Training in Colorado. De-regulation means that we will no longer be licensed, registered, etc. There will be NO oversight. The report demonstrates a lack of knowledge of our profession as a whole. We need all of you to step up. The only way we can win this fight is to get everyone involved.

When sharing information via social media use  #licensureforCOathletictrainers and #ourfightforlicensure

What is a Sunset Review?

A sunset review is an evaluation of the need for the continued existence of a program or an agency. The Colorado General Assembly sets specific dates that a particular agency, board, or function of government will terminate unless the legislature passes new legislation to continue. So, the “sun sets” on that part of government law if it is not reauthorized. The review is conducted every 5 to 11 years pursuant to the statute.



Who Conducts a Sunset Review?

Colorado Office of Policy, Research & Regulatory Reform (COPRRR) is an office within DORA and is charged by statute to conduct a sunset review of the entity or function and produce a report of its findings and recommendations prior to the agencies' sunset. Reviews are conducted according to statutory review schedule and according to statutory criteria.


You can find more information on the Sunset Process on DORA’s website here:,passes%20new%20legislation%20to%20continue.&text=In%20Colorado%2C%20a%20sunset%20review,regulation%20to%20protect%20the%20public.


What were the findings of our Sunset Review in October 2020? 

The COPRRR reviewer recommended sunsetting our act. This means NO registration and NO licensure. We would go back over 10 years to an Exempt status without a Practice Act.  This report has de legitimized our profession in Colorado as it does not recognize us as Healthcare professionals.

What does the results of our Sunset Review mean? 

This IS NOT the end of our licensure. This is simply a recommendation from DORA that AT’s are de-regulated.  De-regulation in our case would cause AT’s to go back to an Exempt Status with No Practice Act.

If we can get legislative support we will keep our licensure that we achieved in 2019. We will need support from legislators after the November 3 election and we will also need help from our CATA members - see future e-blasts and social media posts for ways to get involved! 

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